Mar 26

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All cycling specific shoes have attachment points on the bottoms of their stiff soles for cleats or "clips." When locked into matching "clipless" pedals, cleats keep the rider’s feet attached for greater pedal stroke power and efficiency. Proper cleat installation beneath the center of the ball of the foot is important, as cleats that are slightly out of alignment can affect the pedal stroke and even cause knee pain while riding. Installation sometimes takes a little trial and error, but once you find the correct placement, you can use it as a guide on your next pair of cycling shoes.

Notice that the attachment point is a metal plate held between the sole of the shoe and the shoe’s insert. The metal plate has three rows of holes with internal threading to accept bolts. You’ll only be using one row; there are three so you can best customize the cleat’s position. The metal plate isn’t fixed. It moves back and forth between the toe and the heel until the cleat tightens it down; push it all the way up toward the toe box. That way, the starting point is exactly the same for both shoes.